Which Hardware Warranty Should I Choose for My New Computer?

Mail-in warranty

  • After calling technical support to diagnose an issue they cannot fix remotely, the user will need to send the failed computer back to the manufacturer.
  • It will take approximately 1-2 weeks for the manufacturer to receive, repair or replace, and return the computer.
  • You will need to back up your data before sending your computer to the manufacturer because the manufacturer is not responsible for any lost data.
    • However, if you are following best practices for small businesses you should be backing up and testing your data regularly.
  • You will possibly need to delete sensitive information from the computer you do not want others to see.

Onsite warranty

  • After calling technical support to diagnose an issue they cannot fix remotely, the manufacturer will send part(s) and technician onsite for repair.
  • Repair time is usually next business day.
  • If it is a hard drive issue, you may need to back up your data (if possible)
    • Again, backups should be performed regularly during normal computer usage.

Sheran Whitaker, owner of New Town Realty experienced a mail-in warranty issue and this put her business in a predicament. When Sheran’s computer began acting up she contacted support and realized she had to mail her computer into the computer company in order for it to be repaired. She contacted Garner IT for assistance in taking off all of her client’s personal information prior to mailing her computer.

Sheran states, “The mail-in warranty caused me a lot of pain.” “We had to take all the personal information off my computer, send it off and then had to wait.” “I had to go out and buy another computer because I still had to work.” “My computer was back within a week, but I had to spend more money.”

Sheran suggests a backup computer so that you can still work if your primary computer messes up.

“Garner IT Consulting’s services were superb,” states Sheran. “They have always taken care of my computer needs and I always recommend their services when I have the opportunity.”

In the future Sheran will be sure to have an onsite warranty so that her business is not down more than a day or two. The biggest difference between Mail-in and Onsite Warranties is the amount of downtime your business incurred waiting on the repair. You get knocked down, or things fail – that’s life – but it’s how fast you get back up that matters.

Garner IT Consulting provides our clients with onsite hardware warranties. And if your business computers are in serious need of replacement, we can even include them in our services! We are here to help you with all your technology needs.


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