What is a Firewall and Why Do I Need it?

What is a Firewall?

A firewall is software or hardware-based device that checks information traveling between networks, like your office network and the Internet, and then either blocks or permits it to pass through to the other network, and eventually a server or computer. The firewall knows to block or permit traffic between the networks depending on your firewall settings.

Why do I Need a Firewall?

It is important to have a firewall in order to block people from unwanted access to your computer or network remotely and to prevent viruses or malware from infecting your machines. Firewalls are an important layer of security to keep your business and personal information secure.

Not all firewalls as the same; for example, not all firewalls protect inbound and outbound traffic. Be sure to research or ask a local IT professional which firewall is best for you. While a $50 Linksys firewall may work well for your home, it may not address the needs of a business network.

Firewalls can also be used to limit access to certain internet sites, like blocking employees from surfing while on the clock or weighing down productivity by surfing FaceBook.

Garner IT Consulting wants to help keep your business and personal information secure. If you are not sure what type of firewall you have or need, contact us and we will gladly assist you. It is important to also remember to make sure your anti-virus software is up to date and to perform regular software updates.


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