End of Year Technology Checklist for Your Business

Preparation, Planning, and Production – The Keys to Prosperity

At Garner IT Consulting, we believe that each business year should – and can – be better than the last in terms of business growth. Our mission is to assist you in doing more and better business; business without computer and information technology problems. We want your business to be fine-tuned and run smoothly so that you can enjoy each day and watch growth take place. We want to be your partner in business success!

Here are a few concise suggestions you can implement as a checklist to roll down the business runway to a powerful 2017 liftoff. Every sleek jet aircraft must make preparations in the hanger before taxing to the tarmac, rolling down the runway with acceleration, and realizing liftoff. Businesses have to prepare too. We want yours to soar to new heights!

1. Backup and Secure Your Current Business Information
Your business information is the architecture and building design for continued growth. Your company database includes financial data, client data, and marketing materials. Make sure all of these records are backed up and secure. Your backup program should be constant and perpetual, and stored off site. If you need technical assistance saving and securing your information, just contact Garner IT. We can safely and continuously save and secure your records so you never have to panic at any inadvertent local loss of records.

2. Clean Up Local Area Network (LAN) Drives
Most small businesses have central-drive records storage for easy access by multiple employee users. As time passes, irrelevant or outdated information accumulates. You need an effective cleanup plan that occurs at least annually and that your team members clearly understand. If you don’t have an effective plan, just contact us. At Garner IT, we can help you design a Customized Clean-up System (CCS) that is fast, effective, and straightforward, so that your business can operate as efficiently as possible.

3. File Management
Decisions, decisions, decisions. Even a “clean” storage system, devoid of unnecessary information, won’t result in effective access of your records by users. Any business must have a straightforward and clear, Customized Filing System. Libraries have wrestled with this organization problem for decades. Our suggestion is to create a “tiered, prioritized” system. And this is where computerized digital search makes it easy. Your files may be cataloged by: client name, sub-cataloged by date, and even further arranged by location, work type, types of contracts, or even delivered types of good or services. One important key, however, is that your employees clearly understand the file management system and its priorities. If you are facing file management challenges, Garner IT can help you define an effective, fast, and realistic system.

4. New Business Technology Solutions
We are all flying through an age of new technologies and tools at literally the speed of light. It’s important to be efficient in business and a major part of that is keeping up to date with technology that can increase that efficiency. At Garner IT Consulting, it’s our job to be on the leading edge of technology that will help our friends and neighbors grow their businesses. That’s why we offer a FREE Network Health Check. We’ll determine the status of your computer operating system and even its ability to recover rapidly from any problem or natural disaster. We want to help your business operate cost-effectively and securely. New technology can help.

We hope we’ve provided you with some useful tips to check off your list and help your business get off to a great start. We invite you to contact us by giving us a call at 850.250.3210 or dropping by our offices at 1330 Harrison Avenue, Panama City, Bay County, Florida. We’ll give you a warm welcome.

Best wishes, Randall and Julie Garner and the entire Garner IT Consulting team of professionals.


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