Easy on the Eyes: What Computer Users Can Do About Eyestrain

Eyestrain is becoming a growing problem not just for IT professionals but for the entire generation of computer users. The present boom in digital devices, including laptops and handheld devices, seems to only add to the problem. Generally, the appropriate distance between the user and the screen should be 40 to 50 centimeters if you are using a wide screen. The conditions vary slightly depending on factors such as your eyesight and screen resolution.

If you are guilty of glancing at your phone for an average of 150 times a day or use screens for more than 10 hours daily, be prepared to undergo some serious eyestrain. Although eyestrain does not necessarily lead to eye damage, it can be uncomfortable and give rise to several symptoms which surface after extended screen use.

Staring at your smartphone or using your computer for too long can cause the eyes to become dry, itchy and tired. In worst-case scenarios, it can also lead to blurred vision and headaches. Since a large percentage of professionals cannot afford to cut down their screen time, they can adopt a few products and/or download apps meant for relieving eyestrain.

Solutions to Relieve Eye Strain

Many solutions are emerging to alleviate screen users all around the world. Here are a few to reduce eyestrain:


An immensely popular app, f.lux, is a free web and mobile app that allows the display to adapt to the time of day to reduce eyestrain. Most screens emit a bluish light. While this light works fine during the day, it can be uncomfortable to look at in the dark. f.lux resolves this by figuring out the approximate time of sunset after asking you for your location. At sunset, the screen will mimic nature and warm up with colors that blend in much better with the surrounding light.

The app has also shown good effects on sleep. Research suggests that reading on a tablet before bedtime can delay sleep by an hour. Thanks to its color temperature control, f.lux makes it easier to fall asleep even if you use your screen at night.

Uvex S0360X Ultra-spec 2000

This safety eyewear employs the company’s SCT-Orange plastic for filtering out all blue and shorter wave-length light. SCT refers to Spectrum Control Technology and utilizes special dyes in the plastic for absorbing specific wavelengths. SCT-Orange plastic is manufactured for use in the dental industry and environments where the use of UV lamps is frequent. IT professionals and screen users can use the wraparound product over reading glasses when required.


BluBlocker uses the best materials for producing sunglasses. The lenses are not just scratch resistant, but they are so durable that they won’t break even if you hit them with a hammer. The amber Malenium lenses block UV light as well as blue light. The lenses sharpen all resolutions for clearer images. Blue light focuses in front of the retina, while the remaining colors focus on the retina. This means that by blocking light, objects appear sharper while you don’t have to squint as much.

Millions of BluBlocker glasses have been sold, which only shows how successful the product is for relieving eyestrain. The product has become one of the most advanced eye safety sunglasses with an affordable price tag.

Screen Filters

If you devote more than 12 hours a day to computer use, you can also install protective filters for your laptop and tablet screens. Make sure you have anti-reflective coating on your smartphone screen, unless you have a phone equipped with anti-glare Corning Gorilla Glass. Anti-glare screen protectors do more than fend off fingerprints and can reduce eyestrain significantly.

Change Your Lifestyle

In several cases, simply altering your lifestyle goes a long way to reducing eye fatigue. Poor lifestyle habits including lack of exercise or sleep, nutritional deficiency and blinking less can lead to eyestrain that’s hard to bear. Blinking often, taking quick breaks and doing a couple of eye exercises can help you keep your eyes moist and healthy.

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