How Your Automobile and IT System Are Similar

Today, technology has become a crucial component of our modern office life. A few glitches can cause you significant damage, ending up costing an arm and a leg. Just like going to work without having a proper means transportation can be a big hassle, technology failure can cripple your work-life in a manner of speaking.

Let’s consider a few examples of how automobiles and IT systems are similar.

Cars and Technology are Expensive

You must have reviewed how expensive some of your hardware and software is when you appraise your organization’s IT budget. A server can cost a lot of money and if you are a small business, you require all the flexibility you can with your budget. As you are compelled to spend so much capital, it can lead to discrepancies for months or sometimes years.

Now take the example of an automobile. Your car can last up to a decade or two depending on its model, provided you take care of it. But if you fail to do so, you might have to lease or borrow a loan for purchasing a new vehicle every two years. This will not only disrupt your budget, but will never let you be debt-free.

Technology and Cars are Essential

Although there can be a few exceptions to this, technology has become critical in nearly all types of workplaces. Owing to an increased involvement of innovation and technology – which has streamlined the provision of productive applications and automating workflows; technology has become an inevitable part of a majority of nearly every organization in the US.

In case you face a tech-infrastructure break down, your organization will stand the risk of shutting down. It cannot access its applications or data until the problem is resolved by a professional.

Likewise, we all need automobiles to travel from point A to point B. If our car breaks down it becomes that much difficult to get to where you want to go. And let’s face it, we have gotten so used to driving around cars that taking the public transportation seems like a drag. Moreover, this is particularly a problem for individuals who live in an area where access to reliable public transportation is less than minimal, for example, bus systems or subways.

Technology and Cars Require Technical Expertise to Function

You rarely go on a DIY project to fix your car. Buying parts for your vehicle is another thing. You are less likely to work on your car unless you are an expert. Most people can’t even tell their engine oil from their windshield washer fluid. This is why most of us hand over our cars to a professional mechanic.

Our technological solutions need professional maintenance just like our automobiles. No amateur can install sophisticated IT hardware or take care of your databases with a days’ worth of experience. An organization needs qualified and expert professionals who have dedicated their lives to master IT systems.

Sure, your nephew likes to work on cars and/or IT, but is it really the best decision to reliably get you and your company to the destination?

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