Is Your Data Really Secure in The Cloud?

Are you thinking about moving all or parts of your computer network “to the cloud” but worried about who can access your data? You’re not alone but many security experts, software companies, and cloud-service providers alike agree that cloud computing offers a MORE secure way to store data. In fact, the US governments’s cybersecurity adviser, Howard Schmidt, said that cloud computing will enable businesses to catch up on security issues.

The reservation with moving a business to the cloud is because most small businesses do NOT have high-security measures in place for their data on-site and lack tight password protection policies, firewall management, and backup procedures. The same business owners who verbalize their concern about putting their data in the cloud are backing up their entire network to a tape drive and leaving it in their car overnight – or are using weak passwords for important access points to their network, which are much bigger security risks than storing it in a highly secure, highly redundant cloud platform.

That’s like saying you’d rather stuff your money into a mattress at home than keep it in a bank because you’re not sure who can see and touch your money!

Here are the top five security questions you must know the answers to if you’re going to trust your data in the cloud:

  1. Who outside of my company will have access to my data?
  2. What security measures are in place whenever a mobile device or laptop is lost or stolen?
  3. With what frequency is my data backed up (and where is it backed up)?
  4. What happens if my cloud provider goes out of business? What’s the backup plan?
  5. Where is my data actually located?

Of course, with any data storage there is risk, and there’s no way to completely guarantee absolute security. That said, most cloud providers are far more diligent about security and invest millions of dollars into ensuring all aspects of security are as tight as possible.

We have spent a considerable amount of time investigating various cloud solutions and vendors for our clients. Want more information on cloud security and what to look for in your business? Call us today at 850.250.3210 or drop by our office at 1330 Harrison Avenue, Panama City, Bay County, Florida. We will be happy to answer all your queries and provide customized solutions to your problems.

Best Wishes,
Randall and Julie Garner and the entire Garner IT team


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