Every Computer User Should Know These Maintenance Tips

Keep Your Computer Dust Free

One of the major problems that negatively affects your computer is dust. Things get complicated if your computer is placed in an enclosed room or near the floor where dust settles. It is important to clean it often since excessive dust and lack of cleanliness can cause your computer to slow down and could also lead to hardware malfunction. Check the vents and fan-cooling areas. Clean your screen using a soft cloth that does not cause any scratches. If you are using a desktop, dust can accumulate in several different parts. Analyze your RAM slots, the motherboard and processor. There are also several handy cleaning kits that are available for cleaning desktops and laptops.

The mouse and keyboard are likely to endure the most abuse. The average computer keyboard is known to carry more bacteria than a regular toilet seat! One of the safest methods to clean a keyboard is to use a small vacuum or compressed air. Unplug the keyboard. Turn it upside-down and shake it gently to help remove dust particles or food crumbs trapped inside the keys. Don’t forget to clean your mouse and its pad as well. Most mice today have common LED sensors on their bottoms that you can simply wipe down with a cloth and touch them up with a few drops of rubbing alcohol. Replace your mouse pad often to guarantee long-term use.

Keep a Cooling Stand for Laptops

When you use your laptop, they produce heat. If you keep your laptop on your lap, or even a desk with limited space, the heat has no room to escape or circulate. That is why cooling stands are recommended. These are many different USB-powered fans that take care of extra heat from your laptop body.

Only Install Registered Software Products

Keeping your computer clean from the outside is not enough to maintain your computer. It is also important to use only registered products that keep your computer safe and secure. This gives you the added benefits of customer support, warranties, and saves you from the harm of downloading pirated software. Moreover, OS updates are also mandatory for safeguarding your computer. Although many users continue using their computers without updating Windows, Chrome or Adobe Reader, this is never advised. Not only does it include crucial updates, it protects your system from becoming vulnerable to malicious software. Since new types of Trojans and viruses are created every day, update your anti-virus regularly. Make sure your firewall is always up and running, install malware protection, and invest in good anti-virus software to keep your computer clean inside out.

Need Help Maintaining Your Business Computers?

These are just a few basic maintenance tips that all users must practice. All computer equipment lasts longer with reduced risk of hardware or software failure if taken care of properly. One of the great services we offer is regular maintenance and cleaning of your computers.

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