Hey Cortana, Did You Move My Cheese? – Part 2

Hey Cortana, Did You Move My Cheese - Part 2 - Garner IT Consulting - Panama City, Florida

For those who didn’t read Part 1 of this blog series back in February (you know who you are), I gave you the tools you need to make the most of your Windows 10 experience. In this blog I’ll relate that to Microsoft Office 2016 and Office 365.

But first, some context.  Did I confuse you with my “Cheese” quip in Part 1? In hindsight, it was a little too obscure. That’s why I usually don’t blog or tell jokes – It’s not good when one must explain his attempt at humor! Nonetheless…

Dr. Spencer Johnson’s book, “Who Moved My Cheese?”, is an entertaining parable about coping with change in work and life. The story features two mice and two mouse-sized miniature people searching the maze of life for their happiness (aka “cheese”). Many of us found our so-called “cheese” in previous software versions, but Microsoft keeps moving the cheese with every new version!

Remember Office 2007? It was the first major design change for Microsoft Office in 12 years! That was a pretty big change which caught most people by surprise (not in a good way). Now we’re up to Office 365 and Office 2016. They’ve retained a pretty familiar interface since the major changes introduced in 2007, but there’s still a lot to learn to get the most out of it.

Getting Help in Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office may seem a little daunting with all its different buttons, menus, bells, and whistles. Many people aren’t sure how to get help for Microsoft Office, or think they need to enroll in a college course to learn how to use it. As fun as college courses are, save some money and get that time back so you can sit down with a good book! (I recommend “Who Moved My Cheese?”)

Microsoft has given you quick access to the tools you need to become an Office Ninja.

F1 – The Cure for What Ails You!

Did you know that anywhere in Windows, Microsoft Office, and most other applications you can press the F1 button on your keyboard to instantly pull up relevant “help” information for that program or feature? The F1 “Help” function, introduced by IBM in the 1980’s, has become universally associated with obtaining help in most Windows-based programs to this day.

One program I tried F1 on took me directly to that product’s full user manual on the company’s website without me having to go searching for it myself! In a different program, F1 took me directly to a relevant support article on the web for that specific application feature. How helpful is that?!?

Tip: In case you don’t remember the F1 trick in Microsoft Office, I recommend adding the Help icon to the Office Quick Access Toolbar. This way instant help is always only a click away!

Microsoft Word - Quick Access Toolbar - Microsoft Office - Garner IT Consulting - Panama City, Florida

For additional info on helpful keyboard shortcuts, check out this Microsoft Support article.

Just Tell Me What to Do

You may have noticed the text box on the Microsoft Office ribbon that says, “Tell me what you want to do“. No? Don’t worry, most people don’t know it’s there. That’s because Microsoft “moved our cheese” and took away the little question mark (“?”) icon we became accustomed to seeing.

The new text search box for getting help has a lightbulb icon next to it. Here you can enter keywords about features you want to use or actions you need to perform. It will provide you with quick access to helpful information to get you on your way.

Microsoft Word - Get Help - Light bulb - Microsoft Office - Garner IT Consulting - Panama City, Florida

Microsoft Office Black-Belt Ninja Training

Lastly, you can get access to a wealth of helpful information from the Office Support website. You’ll find some great FREE stuff here! Discover tips, tricks, and features you never new existed to save you time and increase your productivity with Office. Check it out!

Every so often someone moves our cheese and we’re reluctant to go searching for it again. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and search for some new cheese. There’s a whole new delicious world out there waiting to be discovered!

Garner IT Can Help

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