Microsoft Office Basic Training: Add Links in a File

Microsoft Office Basic Training: Add Links In A File

If you have used Microsoft Office products at all then you know how great it is to use the shortcuts within the applications. Did you know that you can add a hyper link directly into a Microsoft document? This feature is extremely useful when you need a quick link to other parts of the same document, to a different document, to a website, and/or to an email.  We’ve documented two methods for creating links below –

Link to Your File

  1. Select what you’d like to turn into a link and then select InsertHyperlink or press Ctrl + K.
  2. Select Place in This Document.
  3. Choose where you’d like the link to connect to and select OK.

Check out Microsoft’s quick instructional video.

Link to Web or Email

The fastest way to create a basic hyperlink:

  1. Type a web address or email address into a file.
  2. Press Spacebar or press Enter.

You can even edit display text, font styles or colors of the hyperlinks! Check more information on that on Microsoft’s website. This is a great tip that can be used in Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.

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