Microsoft Office Basic Training: Clear Formatting

Have you ever changed the formatting in a Microsoft Office Application and then decided you didn’t like it?

We have good news!  You can undo it! Clearing format can be as easy as a click of a button.


For a simple text change, just select the Undo button, or press Ctrl + Z:

The Undo button in Microsoft Office undoes anything you do, including formatting text, moving blocks, and typing and deleting text. In case you undo something you didn’t mean to, worry not. There is a command for that too. Simply press Ctrl + Y or click the Redo button to the right of the Undo button.

Clear All Formatting

If you have multiple formatting changes, and want to undo them all, select the text you wish to remove, then select the Clear All Formatting button. The quick command is Ctrl + Spacebar:

Again, if you accidentally undo something, click the Redo button, or press Ctrl + Y.

Undo a Picture

You can also undo formatting on images. If it was the last image you formatted, click the image and select Undo. If it wasn’t the last change you made, don’t fret, you can still clear the formatting. Just choose the image, select Picture Tools > Format, and then select Reset Picture:

Feel free to check out Microsoft’s helpful video for more details. As always, Garner IT is here for any questions you may have with Microsoft Office products.


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