Three Tips to Avoid a Financial Breach

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No One Wants to Deal With a Financial Breach, But the Risk is Very Real

A week doesn’t go by without some sort of data breach announcement involving “this financial institution,” or “that social network.” According to the Identity Theft Research Center’s latest report, the number of major financial breaches has now topped the 500 mark for the year. Big or small you are not safe unless you are staying on top of your security needs. The following tips could save you from dealing with a breach.

Change your Passwords Regularly

This may sound like something you hear all the time, but guaranteed, it’s for good reason. Keeping passwords updated is a very important key to security. If a cybercriminal were to find a password that is used over a long period of time, they would have a much easier time opening up security holes, allowing them into your systems.

Beware of Phishing Emails

Unfortunately, we are not talking about the big grouper or elusive sailfish here. We are talking about emails that are posing as something you are familiar with. You just went to a conference or used a particular software. Cybercriminals pose as these and will ask you to change your password or provide them with other sensitive information. These are scammers, so you should be very careful who you share the information with.

Monitor your Accounts

As you are working with many client accounts as well as your own be very careful and watch for any suspicious activity. In most cases, these are not large charges. These are smaller microtransactions that, in a lot of cases, can easily go without being noticed. Of note in the financial market, you only have a limited time to report fraud on an account as well as sometimes a limit. It is best to catch this early to limit liability. Make sure you are keeping a very watchful eye on anything that may look off.  

These are great tips, but let’s face it. If you are reading this you are probably in the accounting industry and wondering if your network and IT team are living up to the rapidly changing world of support and security. At Garner IT, we specialize in supporting accounting firms and CPAs. From large to small firms, we have plans and infrastructure to support you.

But what does this really mean?

A stable and secure infrastructure these days is vital for the peace of mind your clients are looking for. This is where we can assist. Let us worry about the technical details while you focus on payroll, taxes and other important services that you provide your clients.  

We understand the accounting Industry and the challenges you may face these include:

  • Protecting secure and private client data
  • Sharing Confidential files Securely
  • Cloud-based apps and Uptime reliability

Contact Garner IT today for a FREE Network Health Check and see how we help you rest easy knowing your internal network is safe, secure and running strong.  


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