Seven Things You Should Know About Recent Cyber Attacks

Composite image of spy in black hoodie overlaid with cyberspace numbers, letters, and red cyber attack

Garner IT is fully aware of modern cyber-attacks, including those that don’t make the headlines.

However, in just a few moments anyone with a tad of interest and a Google search could quickly get a good idea just how severe and frequent these types of attacks have become.

Many recent, brutal attacks scramble all of your data, documents, system & program files, and even backup files, and demand a ransom for you to get the code to unlock your data.

How confident are you that your systems are protected if a similar attack was to happen to you at this very moment? Do you have reliable, tested backups of your data and a disaster recovery plan in place to help you quickly restore your systems should you get breached? Who in your company is on high alert, monitoring your systems for any suspicious activities?

Thousands of business owners, CEOs, and managers, just like you, are waking up this morning with a total disaster on their hands. Many will be forced to close their doors because of a cyber attack and/or deal with significant losses; however, businesses that have trusted Garner IT to manage their IT systems can relax and focus their energy on growing their business. We want to offer this same peace of mind to you.

To give you a small example of how we’ve helped our clients, we’ve put the list below together for your benefit.

Seven Things We Communicate With Our Clients About Recent Cyber-attacks:


1. Do NOT open ANY attachments from people you don’t know…

No matter how pressing it seems or tempting it is, delete it. If it’s truly important, they will call you.

2. Be on high alert for phishing emails from PEOPLE YOU KNOW.

If it “feels” off or wrong, don’t click on any links or open the attachment. Their system could be compromised and being used to scam everyone in their inbox.

3. If any Microsoft Office applications ever ask you to “Open Macros,” do not accept unless you understand what you are doing.

Just don’t do it!

4. If you get a call from the “tech department,” or someone claiming to be “your IT provider” requesting you to log them in, HANG UP and call your IT provider directly.

Only communicate with your known, positively identified tech support/IT team members.

5. Only go to known, ESSENTIAL websites required to perform your job function.

Unsecured websites can be a gateway to attacks.

6. Do NOT connect to the company’s network (email, cloud apps, etc.) from home PCs or personal devices.

Your home network is much less secure and much more vulnerable to attacks.

7. If you suspect an attack or virus, do NOT reboot.

Disconnect the computer or device from the network and call your IT provider immediately.


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at Garner IT by phone (850) 250-3210, email ( or stop by our office at 1330 Harrison Ave, Panama City, FL 32401. We would welcome an opportunity to help you!

Best Wishes,
The Garner IT Team


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