When You Fall Victim To A Cyber-Attack, Through No Fault Of Your Own, Will They Call You Stupid… Or Just Irresponsible?

It’s EXTREMELY unfair!

Victims of all other crimes – burglary, mugging, carjacking, theft – get sympathy from others. These victims get support flooding in, as they should!

However, if your business is the victim of a cybercrime attack where a criminal compromises client or patient data, you will NOT get much sympathy. The world will instantly label you as stupid or irresponsible. You’ll be investigated and questioned about what you did to prevent it from happening – and if the answer is not adequate, you can be found liable, facing severe fines and lawsuits EVEN IF you trusted an outsourced IT support company to protect you. Claiming ignorance is not an acceptable defense, and this giant, expensive, reputation-destroying nightmare will land squarely on YOUR shoulders. It doesn’t end there.

With changing laws, soon you’ll be required to tell your clients and/or patients that YOU exposed them to cybercriminals. Your competition will have a heyday. Clients will be IRATE and leave in droves. Morale will TANK, and employees will BLAME YOU. Your bank is NOT required to replace funds stolen due to cybercrime (please ask them), and unless you have a particular type of insurance policy, coverage will be denied on any financial losses.

Please do NOT underestimate the importance and likelihood of these threats. It is NOT safe to assume your IT company (or guy) is doing everything they should be doing to protect you. I don’t know your exact situation… Your IT guy might be brilliantly ahead of all of this for you and doing all the right things to protect you. However, it is also VERY possible you’re underserved and ill-advised by your IT company. I frequently get calls from business owners and managers, as well as insurance agents on behalf of their clients, desperate for help after a ransomware attack or devastating virus. Sometimes even to clean up the aftermath of a disgruntled employee. These calls come from people who HAD an IT company they trusted with the responsibility of protecting the business.

There are many possible reasons for this, which we don’t have time to go into here. The most critical item, as a CEO myself, is the understanding we have to delegate and trust, at some level, that your employees and vendors are doing the right thing – but it never hurts to validate that they are when it’s YOUR reputation, YOUR money, and YOUR business on the line.

Our Free Network Health Check will give you the answers you want and the certainty you need!

Our assessment will provide verification from a qualified third party on whether or not your current IT company is doing everything they should to keep your computer network not only up and running, but SAFE from cybercrime. Contact us and schedule your Free Network Health Check today! Call Now: (850) 250.3210 or Click Here!


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