Let’s Go Phishing

Phishing emails are cyber criminals’

attempts to trick you and your employees into clicking on links or submitting information in an attempt to gain access to your online accounts, computer systems, email, etc. Training your employees on how to identify these types of emails is critical to your company’s security since opening one malicious email can circumvent all of the other precautions you have in place.

Curious Clickers

The number of spam emails increase each year and most of them are phishing attempts. According to Fredrich-Alexander University, 78% of computer users claim to be aware of the risks of unknown links in emails but click them anyway.  “When asked why they clicked on the link, the large majority of participants said that it was due to curiosity with regard to content of the photos or the identity of the sender. Other users said that they knew someone with the sender’s name or had been to a party the previous week where there were people they did not know.” This curiosity could cost your business millions by way of a data breach.

Train Your Team

At Garner IT, we offer phishing testing that can be used as a tool to train your team on how to identify these emails. This education needs to occur on a regular basis to remind users what to look for in these ever-changing types of cyber-attacks and to keep this in forefront of their minds. Contact us today by calling our office at 850-250-3210 to find out more about this new service offering.


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