How to Save Money and Eliminate Frustration on Your Office 365 Solution

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As an IT professional that has inherited Office 365 implementations from other providers, we know that you’ve run into a lot of problems.

Perhaps you’ve had issues with billing, to the point of your account being shut down or limited because of payments not being applied to your account correctly. Maybe you’ve had problems getting ahold of anyone with expertise and answers you need regarding licensing issues and questions about compliance? How about struggles navigating the complicated licensing of Microsoft Office 365, Azure, and server licenses? More often than not, companies like yours have been sold the wrong plan because their IT provider has little to no knowledge about Microsoft’s elaborate licensing plans. This lack of knowledge results in all sorts of problems and overpayment.

Fortunately, we can quickly solve all of the support, billing, and licensing problems you’re having with Microsoft Office 365. As a Microsoft Cloud Services Provider (CSP), we can save you between 3% and 7% of the standard licensing fees, AND eliminate the billing and customer support nightmares of Office 365. Our team has broad experience with Microsoft’s licensing and can help you select the right plan for your organization. We also provide advanced, senior-level support for Office 365 and help you eliminate any of the problems, frustrations, bottlenecks, and confusion around the product. We can also deliver customized training for you and select members of your team to get the most out of Office 365 and other Microsoft cloud technologies.

If you are frustrated with Office 365 and want a better solution, give us a call at 850-250-3210, and we will be happy to assist with a customized solution to your Office 365 headache.


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