Lessons Learned From Hurricane Michael: Disaster Planning

I know we are all SUPER busy with the daily activities required to run our business, but you should take 2 minutes to read this blog.

Why? Because it has to do with your data backup and ability to quickly and fully recover your data in the event of a disaster – in other words, Disaster Planning.

Let me explain. Hurricane Michael should have prompted us all to take a closer look at the backup systems we have in place to protect our business data. For a quick test, ask yourself “If my server was gone, destroyed, or damaged beyond repair, how fast could my IT provider, including Garner IT, get me back up and running again?” Quite honestly, I’ve heard the answer from many prospects and a few clients and personally didn’t like their answers.

If you don’t like or have an answer, I’d like to propose we have a brief meeting to look at this and go over the following:

  • Determine what data is critical to your organization so we can make sure it IS included in your backup.
  • What data do you have, and where is it? We often find critical data on laptops and other devices that are NOT being backed up.
  • What processes (like payroll) are crucial and CANNOT be down for an extended period of time?
  • What is your tolerance for downtime in general? For example, how long could you be without access to your server, files, e-mail, Internet, and other software and processes before it starts costing you real money?
  • What’s the plan for an actual disaster? What will you do if you and your team can’t get into your office because of a fire, flood, or natural disaster?

The purpose of these questions (and others I have) is to use your answer to map out a disaster recovery plan that YOU feel good about, to make sure you aren’t faced with any unpleasant surprises should another disaster happen to Bay County. After all, we have a great example from a recent event to learn from, so let’s take advantage of this opportunity!

To be clear, I believe it is our job as your IT Consultant to make sure you are fully aware of the risks and limitations of your current backup and to help you choose a disaster recovery system and map out a plan that fits your priorities and budget.

Are you ready to put your plan together? Click below to get started today.

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