Lessons Learned From Hurricane Michael: Hosted VoIP

No one likes to think about disasters…

The reality is that natural disasters, like the hurricanes that hit the east coast this year or the fires that engulfed the west, can have a real impact on your business by interrupting communications. Continuing our blog series on Lessons Learned from Hurricane Michael, we now ask the question: how are you ensuring that you retain constant contact with your customers?

Hosted Voice Over IP (VoIP) should be part of an overall cloud strategy that includes other aspects of your business (like our other blogs in this series mention; such as offsite document storage and infrastructure). Since the communication hardware is not at the site of a possible disaster, phones can be routed to other locations quickly through an online portal, and phone calls will continue working like nothing ever happened.

Hosted VoIP securely ensures the protection of your business communications from service interruption threats such as natural disasters, power outages, and malicious attacks. Without a secure, reliable VoIP network, downtime can have dire consequences for your bottom line. For example, with a traditional PBX, a simple power outage could result in lost customers or prospects who are attempting to call your business, which ultimately results in loss of profits. Our Hosted VoIP solution is a secure, reliable cloud communications platform that eliminates the need for on-premise PBX hardware, which means you can take your phone with you anywhere with an internet connection and power, and never miss another urgent call.

A Network Outage Doesn’t Have to be a Business Outage

Whether due to a CAT5 hurricane, the construction during the recovery efforts, or someone merely crashing into a pole – Network outages can happen, but they should not be allowed to affect your business reliability. Garner IT can assist you with a solution designed to failover to a backup internet connection for both telephones and computers in just seconds. If your primary internet access fails due to a power outage, weather, a fiber cut, or any other reason, phone calls seamlessly switch to the failover connection! With full functionality restored, you can rest easy knowing you have consistent voice service to keep your business up and running.

In addition to how Hosted VoIP helped our clients continue business operations after Hurricane Michael – consider the following features and benefits:

  • Known for its scalability, cost savings, and reliability, Hosted VoIP offers businesses the ability to adapt to the changing technological workplace – updating and adapting easily without downtime.
  • Provides businesses with carrier-grade reliability and security, with Tier 1 network centers and 24/7 monitoring to ensure your service isn’t disrupted.
  • Increase your customer experience with hold music, call queues, auto-attendant, and more!
  • Offer easier management of remote employees.
  • Control long distance and international costs with unlimited and international dialing plans.

If the worst should happen, Garner IT will be there to help with recovery. Click below to get started today!

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