Does My Business Need A Server?

Garner IT Consulting - Business Server Image

Does your business have programs and data on your network that multiple users need to access to perform their jobs? Would you like to make sure that your unique business data is protected from unauthorized access and backed up to prevent loss in case of a computer failure?

Then your business needs a server.

Servers are “beefed up” computers that include redundant hardware which reduces failures and increases performance, but they aren’t typically seen or used by end-users. A server is the center-piece of any multi-computer network and performs such functions as storing data in a central location for multiple users to access, while also providing your critical data with a higher level of security and protection. The server is also responsible for important services in your computer network that allow communication between computers, printers, and the internet.

Your server could be on-premise at your office, or it could be hosted in the cloud, but it is important to understand how a server can help and hurt your business. The expert team of IT consultants at Garner IT is here to help you research the best server solutions for your business, as well as help you implement and maintain the system.

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