Chrome Zero-Day: Update Now!

 Randall Garner  

To check which version you have, click the three-lines icon (the “hamburger menu”) in the top right corner. For Chrome, go to Help>About Chrome. For Chromium, simply click About Chromium.  (in either browser you can also just put the special URL    chrome://settings/help   into the address bar) the version you are

Cybercriminals, Hospitals, & The National Guard

 Randall Garner  

It’s not surprising for people when the national guard is pulled in for situations like hurricane emergencies, civil disturbances, or even the inauguration a few weeks ago.  But it might shock you to hear the national guard was recently called in for a cyber emergency! In this short video Abbie

New Bug On the Block!

 Randall Garner  

There’s a new bug on the block. This was first reported to Microsoft last summer, but they have yet to patch it, and now it’s been published for all the bad guys to see. This is a major vulnerability. Simply downloading the bad file and opening the folder where it’s stored can

National Technology Day

 Randall Garner  

It’s National Technology Day!!! And the question we’re asking today is……  if you lived 100 years ago, which piece of modern technology would you miss the most?  100 years ago puts us in 1921.  It’s January. Would you miss your quick and efficient car with heated seats? Perhaps you’d miss the

Geeks, Kids, & Books

 Randall Garner  

Wait—What? Why is an IT Company Posting a Booklist for Kids? We’re so glad you asked. Day after day, our team of geeks slays dragons to protect and defend our clients.  We love that fight, and we’re passionate about it. That’s not enough for us, though.  We also want to


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