Why is Data Protection important?

Once data is lost, you cannot buy it back and the costs to re-create it can be enormous. Numerous studies prove losing large amounts of data could force a business to close its doors for good.

From hackers to employees, everyone understands the value of data and will try to use this fact against your company.

Environmental disasters and hardware failures will eventually occur, often unexpectedly. Protecting your data is the only way you will be able to proceed through these difficult times.

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You buy locks for your doors and insurance to physically protect your business. But how are you protecting your most valuable asset – your data?

In today’s data-driven, technology-integrated landscape, you must protect your data from threats of all kinds. Whether hardware failure, natural disaster, cyber attack, or human error—when disaster strikes, you need to be sure your data is safe and you’re back in business fast. Here are some of the scenarios to consider:

User Error

Whether it's accidentally clicking malicious links, spilling drinks in our computers, dropping or misplacing a mobile device, or deleting something - user error is the leading cause of lost business data. A practical backup strategy plays a vital role in ensuring these mistakes don't turn into serious problems.

Hardware Failure

Hard drives, servers, PC, and other devices have varying life expectancies, but one thing is guaranteed - hardware eventually fails. Sometimes the failure is caused by defects, normal wear-and-tear, or for no explainable reason at all; regardless of the cause, businesses must be prepared to continue operation. A Backup and Disaster Recovery system (BDR) ensures that entire datasets are replicated and quickly accessible should something suddenly stop working.

File Corruption & Software Failure

Software is also prone to “bugs” and failures. Data may become corrupted and files may be deleted without warning. A comprehensive Data Protection strategy ensures you're able to recover individual files, folders, or entire systems when needed.

Natural Disasters and Extreme Weather

While these events are out of our control, companies are at risk of costly downtime if not adequately prepared. BDR systems and cloud-based server virtualization play a crucial role in protecting against, and recovery from, these types of situations.

Insider Threats

Disgruntled employees are known to intentionally encrypt, delete, steal or corrupt priceless company data. Protecting this data with frequent backups ensures the most recent version can be recovered and restored when needed.

Cyber Attacks

Malware infections and cybercrime, like ransomware, are an increasingly dangerous threat to businesses today. The Ponemon Institute's 2015 Cost of Cyber Crime Report claims that companies saw an average of 160 successful cyber attacks per week. Your Data Protection strategy is vitally important to prevent substantial financial and reputational loss when attacked.

Regardless of the scenario, many studies have shown a temporary disruption of access to data can have a significant impact on success, and a catastrophic loss of business-critical data will likely force a company to close its doors for good. You can easily replace most physical property; however, you cannot recover data unless your organization has made investments in a Data Protection plan.
Is your business prepared? Contact our team of experts today to review your company's Data Protection strategy. We'll help ensure you will continue to succeed, should any disaster ever threaten your business.

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