Why is Managed IT Services important?

Better Financial Planning – With Managed IT Services, you know how much you’re going to spend each month. No more gambling with your budget and employee productivity.

Your Systems Stay Optimized – Even when systems aren’t down, they can still run slow, or inefficiently. Our solution takes care of routine maintenance, ensuring your IT systems are operating correctly and maximizes the value of your IT investment.

Faster Problem Resolution – With 24/7 remote monitoring in place, we’ll usually see a problem before you do, allowing us to get a head start on the solution with less (or zero!) downtime for you.

Uncertainty is a business killer. To be successful, you must budget and plan for expenses and have confidence that critical business systems will function as needed. Taking a reactive approach to maintaining and supporting your IT networks is costly in many ways: lost productivity, low employee morale, dissatisfied customers, and enormous repair costs.

Our Proactive Approach Improves Your Productivity

With our Managed IT Services, you’ll enjoy the benefit of a full team of IT specialists keeping your systems in excellent working order. For a fixed monthly fee, we’ll monitor your systems 24/7, apply security patches, ensure backups are working correctly, prevent viruses, and perform a host of other proactive measures. Little issues won't become big, expensive problems; in most instances, we'll have it fixed before you're even aware there's a problem.

Let Us Boost Your Performance!

The average small business spends 6.4% of its revenue on technology. That may not surprise you, but did you know 80% of the cost comes after the initial purchase? Acquiring new technology isn't nearly as expensive as keeping it running smoothly. Shouldn’t your IT systems be an investment for business growth, rather than a drag on profitability? Our proactive, preventative approach to IT management keeps your systems running at peak performance for their entire lifecycle. We'll notify you in advance of devices reaching end-of-life and help you plan for upgrades to old equipment before it causes you downtime.

Your Full-Service IT Provider

Our Managed IT Services cover a full spectrum of technology solutions, including 24/7 remote monitoring and management of your networks, 24/7 help desk support for your staff, and business continuity solutions to prepare your company for any possible disruption. Our cost-effective IT management solution ensures your systems perform as expected and deliver the ROI you require.

Let us answer any questions you have about our Managed IT Services. We'll show you the simplest and most affordable way to ensure peak performance of your IT systems for the success of your business.

Managed IT Services

Hardware as a Service

Managing cash flow in your business is a critical task to ensure success. There are also other forces outside of your control, like the economy, that can add to stress on your working capital. No wonder you feel faint when you look at expensive IT upgrades.

IT Consulting

In today’s business climate, your company’s success depends on more than managing networks and addressing IT support issues. You need to rely on someone who understands how your company operates; someone who provides recommendations aligning technology with your business goals; someone who helps create a strategic IT roadmap and budget to maximize your IT investment.

IT Lifecycle Management

There comes a time in every computer’s life when it must be put to rest. But how can you rest assured that your confidential data – Financial Records, Customer Information, Trade Secrets, Patient Info – won’t end up in the wrong hands? When this time comes, it’s important to have a plan in place to properly destroy this information. After all - You shred confidential documents when they’re no longer needed, right? It’s equally important to securely destroy confidential data from your old IT systems.

Network Management

Laptops, workstations, mobile phones, tablets—these are all essential endpoint devices for your employees that connect to your network. Ensuring smooth operation and protection of these devices from attacks is crucial to your business productivity and is a large part of our Managed IT Services.

Virtual Cloud Servers

Moving your servers to our virtual cloud lowers your overall business operational costs, streamlines management of IT processes, and simplifies your disaster recovery and business continuity processes.

Service In 60, Guaranteed

Garner IT knows how detrimental to your business it can be to have computer and server problems preventing you from being productive. We also understand waiting on technicians while you can’t fill orders and customers are complaining just compounds the problem. We value your time! When you have a technical problem and call our support team we guarantee to have one of our experienced technician responding to your problem within 60 minutes or less.


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