Why is IT Lifecycle Management important?

It seems like technology changes every minute. How do you keep up with your IT purchases and existing assets, to ensure that everything works as expected?

Who is currently responsible for deciding when to upgrade or replace the infrastructure in your company?

When it comes time to retire old equipment, how do you stay on the right side of IT security, regulatory compliance, and environmental protection?

IT Lifecycle Management

Asset Upgrades/Replacement

Who is currently responsible for deciding when to upgrade or replace the infrastructure in your company? Garner IT Consulting is up to the task! We will review and organize the end-to-end lifecycle of your systems, beginning with your existing equipment and making recommendations for when new equipment may be needed.

IT Asset Disposition

When it comes time to retire old equipment, how do you stay on the right side of IT security, regulatory compliance, and environmental protection? The importance of IT Asset Disposition is growing for many reasons, mainly data security and liability. IT providers and decision makers typically focus on the acquisition and management of IT but fail to consider the end-of-life of equipment. Garner IT Consulting understands the entire lifecycle of your infrastructure and can help you determine how to dispose of your equipment properly.

IT Asset Procurement

It seems like technology changes every minute. One day we purchase new technology, and the next it's replaced by the latest version. How do you keep up with your IT purchases and existing assets, to ensure that everything works as expected? Garner IT Consulting has the experience to match the best products to your company's needs and can assist you with the procurement, consulting, and asset management you need to make informed purchasing decisions. We ensure your purchase is correctly licensed, covered by a warranty and maintenance agreement, and integrated into your complete technology environment. As your company grows, allow us to take on the challenging tasks of acquiring and of keeping track of your assets.

Secure Data Destruction (Destroy.IT)




There comes a time in every computer’s life when it must be put to rest. But how can you rest assured that your confidential data – Financial Records, Customer Information, Trade Secrets, Patient Info – won’t end up in the wrong hands? When this time comes, it’s important to have a plan in place to properly destroy this information. After all - You shred confidential documents when they’re no longer needed, right? It’s equally important to securely destroy confidential data from your old IT systems.

With our Destroy.IT Data Destruction plan you can be confident you’ve chosen the most secure, easy, affordable, and environmentally-friendly way to ensure your old data gets properly destroyed.

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Your confidential business data
- Financial Records, Customer Information, Trade Secrets, Patient Info -
is at risk of ending up in the wrong hands!

Average cost of data breach is $7 million or $221 per record lost*1
$250,000 in fines resulting from a missing disk drive*2
$1.2 million in HIPAA penalties for data on photocopier hard drive*3
Confidential employee information found in trash at local recycling center*4

Most businesses are at risk but don’t know it:

  • Are old computers, servers, hard drives, backup tapes, USB drives, or CD/DVDs collecting dust in your office?
  • Are you confident there is NO confidential business information on ANY of those devices?
  • Do you keep an up-to-date inventory of these items to verify nothing has gone missing?
  • Are you sure that even ONE storage device that MIGHT have confidential information on it won’t quietly “walk off” without anyone ever knowing (or hasn’t already)?
  • What happens when you decide to sell, donate, re-use, or dispose of one of these devices with confidential data on it?

EVERY Business Needs a Secure Data Disposal Policy!

  • EVERY Florida Company which acquires, maintains, stores, or uses personal information of individuals in the state – Florida Information Protection Act of 2014 (FIPA)
  • Healthcare - HIPAA
  • Real Estate Closings & Title Services - ALTA
  • Any Company that Accepts, Transmits or Stores Credit Card Data - PCI DSS
  • Financial Institutions & Creditors - GLBA / FACTA
  • Public Corporations & Some Private Companies - SOX



Old laptop & desktop hard drives
Retired server hard drives
USB flash drives & external hard drives
Copier and fax machine hard drives
Backup tapes
CDs & DVDs

Why is Destroy.IT right for your business?

  • Our service is specifically designed to destroy your data in the most secure, easy, and affordable way, preventing it from ever being recovered
  • We ensure confidentiality and accountability through proper chain of custody, including logging and documenting serial numbers every step of the way
  • Our technicians are trained in information security best practices
  • We physically destroy the entire device - Storage media, mechanics, and electronics
  • We provide you with a Certificate of Destruction for your records
  • We recycle all material in a secure, environmentally-friendly manner

Flexible service options:

  • Affordable monthly subscription to protect all your devices throughout their entire lifecycle
  • One-time, or periodic bulk disposal

When your confidential business and customer information are at risk and your reputation and livelihood is on the line, you can’t afford to take a gamble with sub-par data disposal methods.

Don’t make these costly mistakes!

  • Don’t leave old computers or storage media lying around in your office for months or years, opening the door for confidential data to sneak out without anyone ever knowing
  • Don’t toss hard drives in the dumpster, take them to the landfill, or drop them off at a recycling center – What assurance do you have that someone won’t steal your data?
  • Don’t simply delete files or reformat your hard drive – The data can still be recovered!
  • Don’t throw a “broken” disk in the trash – Just because you can’t use it doesn’t mean someone else can’t recover data from it!
  • Don’t just use a “secure erase tool”, rub it with a magnet, smash it with a hammer, disassemble it, or drill holes through it – None of these are guaranteed to prevent your confidential data from being stolen!
  • Don’t call a junk hauler or e-waste recycling company to haul off your old computers - Most don’t offer assurance or verification of data destruction!

Protect your business and your customer information by disposing of old data securely!

  • Physically destroy the storage media by shredding it into so many small pieces that it is no longer recognizable, rendering your data completely unrecoverable.
  • Once your computer’s hard drive is properly destroyed you can then safely dispose of the computer by donating or recycling it.
  1. 2016 Cost of Data Breach Study: United States, by the Ponemon Institute

We believe IT is a strategic asset to your business, not merely a cost of doing business. When correctly implemented, IT is a "force multiplier” for your team – enabling you to accomplish more with less effort. However, just like a business can’t succeed without a clear vision and mission from leadership, your IT investment is doomed to fail without a strategic plan to put it to proper use and manage it throughout its lifecycle.
We handle it all – cradle to grave – with the end in mind, right from the very beginning.

  • Analyze Business Initiatives, Objectives, and Needs
  • Evaluation of the Technical Environment
  • Strategic Technology Selection and Acquisition
  • Manage Asset Warranty & Support Contracts
  • Forecasting System Upgrades and Refresh Cycles
  • Logistics Planning and Deployment Scheduling
  • Asset Disposal Strategy
  • Secure Data Destruction
  • IT Budgeting & Financing Strategies

...Garner IT has you covered

We remove the guesswork, uncertainty, and waste from IT expenses to make sure your investment works to your advantage, through a rock-solid, strategic IT lifecycle management plan.

Service In 60, Guaranteed

Garner IT knows how detrimental to your business it can be to have computer and server problems preventing you from being productive. We also understand waiting on technicians while you can’t fill orders and customers are complaining just compounds the problem. We value your time! When you have a technical problem and call our support team we guarantee to have one of our experienced technician responding to your problem within 60 minutes or less.


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