Why is Ransomware Prevention Kit important?

By partnering with Garner IT, you can rest assured we're protecting you against the latest security threats, including Ransomware.

Our Ransomware Prevention Kit consists of seven core layers which provide robust protection against Ransomware threats.

We’ll also provide you with $2,500 of Ransomware Insurance at no additional cost.

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“I’ll Just Pay the Ransom. It Was How Much?!?”

Businesses shouldn’t have to choose between extortion and losing precious, irreplaceable business data. Ransomware is no longer an annoyance. It’s a highly persistent and organized criminal activity in full swing with Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) at its core. The damage from becoming a victim of Ransomware is considerable – life-threatening in the case of a recent Los Angeles hospital breach. For SMBs, such an attack could put them out of business permanently. We’re no longer talking about a few PCs getting compromised, but entire networks - including servers storing all of your data and running your applications.

These attacks disrupt business operations by causing system downtime, data loss, intellectual property theft, and regulatory compliance problems resulting from data breaches. With new strains of Ransomware frequently being released into the wild, every business large and small needs to take precautions, or risk becoming the next victim.

“My Antivirus Software Will Protect Me.”

Endpoint Security software is a critical component in your fight against Ransomware. We often get asked, “Which endpoint security solution will offer 100% prevention and protection from Ransomware?” The simple answer is none. Even with the best endpoint security, organizations still get infected. Cybercriminals have found other ways to circumvent endpoint security to carry out their attacks.

“I Can Just Restore from My Backup, Right?”

Maybe. You could also drive your car off a cliff at night, and your airbag might save your life. Once your files are encrypted, the only way to get them back is to restore from a backup or pay the ransom. However, many businesses don’t have proper backup systems in place or aren't sure if they're working. Studies show that most companies haven't tested their backups recently, and those who did discover they weren't working correctly. A properly configured, well-managed, and monitored backup is a critical component in guarding against the ever-increasing threat of Ransomware.

Even with a good backup, a Ransomware infection can still ruin your day. It will cripple your business while you wait for someone to clean out the virus and attempt to restore your data. It might result in penalties from state and federal regulatory agencies if you didn't take appropriate steps to prevent it in the first place.

That's why it's important to implement a layered security strategy to protect against Ransomware through to minimize the chance that you'll ever become a victim. SMBs need protection that covers multiple threat vectors.

Our Guaranteed Solution

Don’t just cross your fingers and hope you're not the next victim! With Garner IT's Ransomware Prevention Kit you can play offense in the fight against Ransomware - with a proactive, managed, layered security strategy. Through our experience, security expertise, and partnerships with the best security vendors, we mesh together the right people, processes, and technology to create a practical solution to the Ransomware problem and protect your business.

Our Ransomware Prevention Kit consists of seven core layers which provide robust protection against Ransomware threats. Each layer can be implemented individually to address specific concerns, or collectively for comprehensive protection. We'll work with you to develop a customized security strategy to meet your needs, based on your budget and risk tolerance.

Guaranteed Security
Our Ransomware Protection Promise

By partnering with Garner IT, you can rest assured we're protecting you against the latest security threats, including Ransomware.

But just in case you don’t believe us – We’ll also provide you with $2,500 of Ransomware Insurance at no additional cost.*

At the foundation of our security strategy is our in-depth Network Security Assessment, to determine a baseline of your current security posture and identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. We then meet with you to identify the right solutions for your business, at each of the seven layers discussed below.

1.) Managed Backup puts your last line of defense first - A fully-managed, monitored, and verified backup solution ensures that if you ever do get hit with Ransomware, you can recover with minimal downtime.
2.) Endpoint Protection shields your computers and servers through centrally-managed and monitored security patching, antivirus, and antimalware systems.
3.) Web Filtering protects your organization by preventing users from accessing websites infected with malware. If malware does slip through your defenses, this layer also prevents it from causing further damage by blocking its ability to "phone home" to its command and control center.

With just these first three layers of our Ransomware Prevention Kit, you're taking a huge leap forward over what most businesses are doing right now to protect themselves!

However, studies show that the weakest link in a company’s security chain is...PEOPLE.

Ransomware capitalizes on the "human problem" by exploiting our lack of security awareness, using "social engineering" - getting people to click on links or download malicious files without giving it a second thought. Enter...Security Awareness Training.

4.) With Security Awareness Training, we build in an excellent end-user training and testing program that will transform every member of your organization from a security liability to a security asset for your business.

5.) Our Email Security System filters out most viruses, spyware, malware, and social engineering attacks which come through email. Email is the #1 method hackers are using to infect people with Ransomware.

6.) System Hardening thwarts hackers and prevents data leaks by implementing proven IT security best practices to firm up your computer and server security configurations, based on established industry security standards.

7.) Our Unified Threat Management appliance stops viruses and malware at the perimeter internet gateway and detects and prevents network intrusion attempts by would-be hackers.

*Ransomware Insurance Guarantee - If you take our advice, implement our recommended security solutions, and help us train your staff to become security assets – We promise to provide you with up to $2,500 in incident remediation services by our trained information security experts if our security strategy fails and you get infected.

Service In 60, Guaranteed

Garner IT knows how detrimental to your business it can be to have computer and server problems preventing you from being productive. We also understand waiting on technicians while you can’t fill orders and customers are complaining just compounds the problem. We value your time! When you have a technical problem and call our support team we guarantee to have one of our experienced technician responding to your problem within 60 minutes or less.


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